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I love business and I love helping people build their own businesses. Admire it or despise it, there is no better vehicle than business for making things happen, creating jobs, fueling lifestyles and making visions a reality. 

Value judgments aside, it is remarkable what a healthy and successful company can achieve. Not just for its founders and investors but for many stakeholders including employees, customers and local communities. 

Even if you are driven by a mission rather than profit, operating like a business is still the surer path to success. 

The problem is, many promising ventures fail for reasons that could have been avoided if they’d implemented tried and true strategies and techniques. Which is a shame because failure stops things from happening. It terminates jobs and destroys lifestyles and visions. 

I’m passionate about doing what I can to improve the success rate of small businesses.

Who am I?

I describe myself as a strategic advisor with a CEO’s perspective and an investor mindset. Which essentially reflects my personal reality. I’ve found success as an investor and I’ve managed and grown several businesses, so my advice is rooted in real world experience. As a founding partner of a self-storage company I’ve been through the full business life cycle and have the scars to show for it. After 3 years the venture repaid us our capital and is now delivering strong cashflow and significant equity growth.  

I moved to Colorado in 2005 after a 15 year corporate career in New Zealand and Europe. I held leadership positions in organization development, sales and operations and rose to a sufficiently senior level to be able to see the view from the top of the company. It’s only when you get high enough that you can see the big picture and how all the parts of the business need to fit together.

My hunch was that many of the principles and best practices from successful corporations would be transferable to smaller businesses. So I shifted my focus to help startups and scale up businesses put in the organizational infrastructures to enable and manage growth. I’ve been able to help leaders in a wide range of industries including technology, healthcare and consumer products to develop growth strategies, raise money and create operational stability in their companies. 

What's my offer?

I work with clients all over the world, often remotely courtesy of modern technology. This allows me to be highly efficient and cost-effective and enables me to focus exclusively on delivering value. My goal is to provide you with an exponential return on your investment of working with me. 

For consulting projects I utilize my clients’ internal resources as much as possible to keep costs down and to ensure ownership of and credit for success remains within the company. I’m well versed in both project and change management to ensure your plans get implemented and adopted.

My offer is to help guide you past the traps and onto better paths that will increase the efficiency and profitability of your business while improving the quality of your life. It’s been my personal mission, let me help it become yours.


Outside of work

I live in Boulder, Colorado – a startup mecca where a thriving ecosystem has evolved to support entrepreneurs as they get their businesses off the ground. An ethos of this community is ‘give first’ and you don’t have to look for long to find someone who wants to help.

This ethos has inspired me to find multiple ways to give back and be of service to my community. I’ve mentored founders of growth companies through Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network (BEN) and Rockies Venture Club (RVC). I also advocate for neglected and abused children and support them through the human services systems. 

When I’m not working, I like to take advantage of Colorado’s outdoor playground, cook gourmet food and go on travel adventures with my wife & two kids.

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